Latest Update : Thursday, 09 January 2020.
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  • Payment will be made once all documents have beeen certified by the relevant NUTP Branch.
  • Only NUTP members in benefit who have paid the fees of the Welfare Fund are eligible for the benefits of the Fund.
  • All claims must be made within one month of the official exam results announcement/accident date.
  • All claims must be made through the member’s Branch.
  • Retired members could become Life Time Alliance Members and enjoy all Welfare Fund Benefits with a one time payment of RM200.00.

 NUTP Welfare Fund

Subject Amount
Death Of Member (Accident)  RM3000
Death Of Member (Natural)  RM2000
Death Of Spouse  RM500
Death Of Child RM200
Death Of Parents RM200
Education – SPM (7A's and above) RM100

Compulsory retirement (55/60 years) (less than 10 years)

Compulsory retirement (55/60 years) (completed 10 years but less than 20 years)

Compulsory retirement (55/6 years) (completed 20 years but less than 30 years)

Compulsory retirement (55/60 years) (exactly 30 years and above)

RM 200

RM 400

RM 600

RM 1000

Critical Illness (based on individual cases) RM2000
Natural Calamities (excluding floods) RM500

University Degree (Sarjana Muda)/Master / Ph.D

(proof of Appointment Letter DG41 after 1 January 2004)


Welfare Fund Claims

No. Type Of Claims Total no of claims Apr 1999 – Dis 2009
1. Death Benefit 14143 RM4,011,200.00
2. Critical Illness 973 RM807,700.00
3. Education Incentive 10565 RM1,056,500.00
4. Compulsory Retirement 55 years 5397 RM914,400.00
5. Natural Calamities 112 RM50,600.00
6. Degree 5702 RM570,200.00
  Grand Total 36,892 RM7,410,600.00